Vicent Martinez

As a designer, many times I did as a magician, with products that transform, move or grow. I found the magic for the LIBRIS drop-down tables being inspired by the books and how their sheets are made. The sheets of these tables are bound by a carbon fiber back. The movement, twist and unfold of this design is inspired by the old dutch gaming tables. When it opens it surprises us with its enlarged surface. Tradition, culture and taste for the Capdell’s woodwork are reflected in the curved and laminated wood arches that together with the solid wood beams support the laminated panel tops. Tables that stick and grow without limit. Tables to develop individual or group work, for large or small meetings, for small or large celebrations. With continuity without end or by stages. With color uniformity or combination of them. Libris S is a modular system that allows you to configure and size any tables to equip all kinds of spaces, facilities, hotels, offices or residential places

Die Capdell libris-collection zum Download: